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Autistic Case 1 - True Story Malaysia

Name : Zhong Yu of KL .

Zero speech, Cannot talk, no eye contact even after calling him for more then 20 times, cannot stop running around extremely hyperactive, very bad behavior being very aggressive, Hyper active, obsessive with CD's, cannot accept NO for an answer and many others, but love music very much must buy CD's of a few singers and hold them in his hands all the time and at times he will give you a few ridem of the sound he likes, never understand a thing of this world or instructions or happenings but only his few CD's.

After 3 months of treatment he could talk and react to his name and calls, after 9 months more he could go to a normal school.


Autistic Case 2 - True Story Malaysia

Name : Wlison of KL, Age 5 .

Seriously Heavy Autism- No speech, cannot go out of his home otherwise the parent has to carry him tide for hours even, very scare of all things and places, very hyperactive at home ,very aggressive behavior, no eye contact, jumping up and down all the time, don't understand any things or words in this world, all in his own autism world.

It took a long time to get him all out of his own Autism world, 12 months.

Now his mother call up and said he has got the best performance awarded in his school and really out of Autism.


Autistic Case 3 - True Story Malaysia

Name : Ofense L.
Age : 9
Sex : Male
Diagnose : Autistic

He has been diagnosed with Autism since he was 2 years old and he is now 9 years old. He is still completely nonverbal, has epilepsy, asthma and hyperactivity. Although he is on a regimen of drugs for epilepsy and hyperactivity, he still gets seizures and still very restless.

He likes to play alone on the swing for very long times. He also likes to spit and then tap on the saliva with back of his fingers. He whistles all day long or breathes heavily or even holds his breathe.

His father gets to know the Chinese Master's miracle through Internet and start to email Chinese Master. Once the email reply, he decides to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to seek autism treatment cure from him. Before that his father need to arrange the flights because they are staying in Gauteng, South Africa.

On 21st September 2006, Ofense went to Acupuncture & Herbal Medical Centre in KL meet Chinese Master. He has undergo ne assessment and Chinese Master has evaluated him to have 90% of Autism. He has to undergone daily of Autism Neuro Acupuncture Treatment Cure and Autism Medicine Treatment Cure.

During his autism treatment cure, he has show very good improvement. Less hyperactivity, more alertness and he can stay long in one place. He is 9 years old, the improvement should be slow because he suffers severe autism but for his case he has show very quick improvement. Her mother was very happy with the improvement.

After complete 1 month, they went back to South Africa. He went back to school and his teacher realise that he is different than before. Her mother didn't tell his teacher about his Autism Neuro Acupuncture Treatment Cure and Autism Medicine Treatment Cure with Chinese Master. Many people there realise that he has change a lot and the improvement make her mother feel great. He also has done a scan in hospital and the report show different results. With Chinese Master's way of Autism Medicine Treatment Cure has change his life even the improvement is not as fast as young kid, his mother still happy that his son still have a hope in life.


Autistic Case 4 - True Story Malaysia

Name : Nadia
Age : 6 years
Sex : Female
Diagnose : Autistic

She can speak a few words at 1 year old but after MMR she stop to speak. She likes to stimming and thinking. If she angry or happy she likes to scream. Now she is totally different, after get Chinese Master 's Autism Neuro Acupuncture Treatment Cure and Autism Brain Powder Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure with Chinese Master she has improve a lot. Now she can ask when she wants something, she can read and understand well in her study.

She can read a number from 1 to 999 and very good in mathematic. She also loves music.



Neuro-Acupuncture Treatment

Basically, he inserts needles into strategic points of the head. Neuro-acupuncture is believed to improve the chi flow between neurons in the brain, which then helps patients improve communication, speech and behaviour... more news





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